Cash Advance

With the abilities of quickly and timely providing funds, VDSC always meets the demand of capital re-use from the customers. We co-operates with the banks to support clients using their cash by selling securities immediately instead of waiting for cash in T+2.

Customers who have securities transactions on previous or during trading days but have not received money from sales in accordance with current clearing payment regulations.


  • Proceeds from the sales of securities after the transactions will be automatically added to customers' purchasing power and withdrawn ability after fees and taxes deduction.
  • If customers use the proceeds to buy securities, withdraw/transfer or pay off debt obligations ... at the end of the day, the system will automatically generate cash in advance for securities transactions corresponding to the amount used.
  • If customers use margin trading:
    + If Debt balance > Ability to recognize debts: the system will automatically generate cash in advance for securities transactions to collect debt until Debt balance = Ability.
    + If Margin contract cum Creadit contract is expired but not allow to extend: The system is toautomatically compute and sell corresponding stocks to collect debt.
  • System automatically collect debt in the clearing day
  • Fee of cash advance: Fee schedule.



Cash advance fee = Cash advance amount * Fee * Amount of days

  • Cash advance amount is the mount of money used
  • Fee: determine timely
  • Amount of day is the real days from the time clients receive cash advance to the clearing day.
  • Can use this service right after the stock is sold
  • Can take it partially or fully from the selling cash, the minimum fee is not determined
  • Take exactly the amount that clients need, economically save money for clients.
  • No documents required



2-day Interest-free Advance

2-day Fee-free Advance is applicable to eligible account.

Eligible Clients

  • Not using Margin Trading service or using marginDragon interest rate schedule.
  • Recorded simultaneously matched buy and sell order along the day.
  • No Margin Call at the end of day.

Service Descriptions

The system automatically calculates and records the preferential fee to eligible account.

  • Operational Mode:
    + Automatically calculated daily based on the account’s transactions.
    + If the account simultaneously meets the conditions for 2-day Interest-free Margin, it will be recorded the more advantageous preferential refund value.
    + The maximum of days be refunded: 2 days.
    The minimum of refund value: VND50,000.
  • Processing Time:
    + Calculating and recording accounts meet preferential conditions: Date T.
    Refunding preferential value: Date T+2.

Service Features

  • Optimize investment efficiency with 2-day Fee-free Advance.
  • Receive preferential refund value daily if Client has both matched buy and sell orders.
  • Available with no registration.