Privacy Policy

Customer acknowledges that by accessing and using this website or any features or sub-websites, it is deemed to have agreed to the entire content of this Privacy Policy and its modifications supplemented from time to time.

1. Collected Information 

When the Client accessing and/or using any features/services on RongViet Securities's website, including but not limited to the online trading system, online price board, account opening application, recruiting application, analysis report regisration and other continuation modules and features of the website, the Customer understands that RongViet Securities may collect the following information from the Customer (hereinafter referred to as “Customer information”): Full name, phone number, email address, residential address, occupation, financial information, investment experience, investment objectives, risk tolerance, ID number, tax codes, etc. Besides, RongViet Securities also collects information about customers' transactions and transaction behavior related to products and services that RongViet Securities provides.

2. Purpose of collection and use of information

Customer Information shall be used by RongViet Securities for the following purposes:

  • Communicating with the Client, or his/her authorized person in connection with the Client's services, transactions and/or account.
  • Introduce and provide information of products, services, promotions, events, etc. conducted by RongViet Securities to clients;
  • Personalize the Customer's experience, improve the performance, usability and effectiveness of the system presence as well as measure the effectiveness of the electronic information systems that RongViet Securities provides;
  • Analyze client information to to improve service quality and customer experience; 
  • Support RongViet Securities to understand Clients' investment needs, needs of using products and services in order to provide Customers with information (such as analysis reports, investment recommendations), or to recommend and advice Clients on using products and services of RongViet Securities;
  • Facilitate RongViet Securities activities, administration, system operation and risk management of RongViet Securities in compliance with the law;
  • In order to fulfill the obligations of Rong Viet to a competent State agency (including obligation to report or provide information at the request of a competent State agency);

3. Information storage time

Depending on the purpose of using information, RongViet Securities has the right to decide on the maximum time to store Customer Information, but still ensure compliance with the statutory storage time in accordance with each type of information collected from the Customer.

In case the Customer terminates using RongViet Securities's online system, the Customer acknowledges that RongViet still has the right to store and continue to process and use Customer Information to the extent permitted by law and this Privacy Policy.

4. Third parties with access to Client Information

For the purposes of using information specified in this Privacy Policy, Client Information may be shared and exchanged within RongViet and its, including headquarters, branches, transaction offices, representative offices, divisions, departments, personnel and subsidiaries in order to provide higher quality and more effectiveproducts and services to Client.

In addition, Client acknowledges that in order to build, develop and administer the system, providing and improve the quality of services and products provided by RongViet to the Client, no matter at the concept stage, proposal, performing, operation and completion, RongViet may disclose Client Information, without further consent from Client, to third parties regardless of whether they are affiliated to RongViet or not, which may provide supporting products and services to us related to the securities trading system and trading on the Client's account as well as providing other products and services suitable to the needs of business development of RongViet.

RongViet may also dislose share personal information with Government agencies and other competent agencies when required or regulated by law, including but not limited to: reporting to Government agencies or performing any obligations of RongViet when necessary, such as providing information at the request of a court, or other competents authorities such as the State Securities Commission, the Stock Exchanges and the Vietnam Securities Depository.

5. Client's rights

Client has the right to access the personal data that the Client has provided and is kept at RongViet upon request in accordance with current regulations.

6. Responsibility for information confidentiality and disclaimer

RongViet shall make its best efforts and applies all measures that RongViet deems necessary in its reasonable capacity to keep Client Information secure.

However, Client acknowledges that the actual use and operation of an Internet-based electronic information system may not be completely secured, and the open nature of the Internet may lead to to the possibility of data leakage which may contain Client Information beyond the protection of any protections applied by RongViet, as well as the possibility of illegal access to Client Information by the unauthorized third parties. Client also understands that Client 

Information when exchanged between RongViet and Client may not guarantee an absolute safety and integrity during data transmission over the Internet. Therefore, the Client acknowledges and accepts the risks that may occurred to Client Information in any circumstances beyond the reasonable control of RongViet.

In order to minimize risks that may arise in the above mentioned curcumstances, especially in order to avoid illegal access and use of Client Information by unauthorized persons, RongViet’s information system for storing and securing Client Information will be protected by a secure network structure according to RongViet's reasonable judgment from time to time in accordance with the provisions of law.

For supporting RongViet to ensure the best interests of the Client, the Client commits to conduct information security measures on the Client's own means of access, and at the same time, absolutely keep the information confidential on the electronic information system and/or other service channels of RongViet. In the event that there are evidents or reasonable suspicion that Client Information is stolen or illegally disclosed, the Client must immediately notify RongViet. As soon as possible after receiving such request, Rong Viet will investigate and/or take necessary and reasonable measures to prevent consequences for the Client. Client's failure to notify or delay in notifying RongViet about lost or suspected information will be a reasonable basis to release/exempt  RongViet's liability for any damage or loss to Client Information.

For the information that the Client provides to third parties through any third-party website, software, application or any other platforms on which displaying advertisement or affiliated information of RongViet, regardless of whether or not there is any agreement or association between RongViet and these third parties, Client understands and acknowledges that this Privacy Policy does not apply to the information Client provides to a third party in the above case, as well as Rong Viet will not have any obligations and responsibilities related to the access, exchange and provision of information between the Client and the other third parties.