Ryobi Group and Viet Dragon signed MOU of strategic partnership


Ho Chi Minh City, September 13, 2023, Ryobi Group (Ryobi) and Viet Dragon Securities Corporation (VDSC) agreed to build a strengthened cooperation by signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to further expand their partnership advocating for the strategic cooperation in terms of investment, investment banking, asset management and other businesses and client’s development.

The signing ceremony took place at Viet Dragon Securities Corporation’s headquarter located at Viet Dragon Tower, 141 Nguyen Du, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. The MoU was signed by Mr. Toshiyuki Matsuda – Group President, Ryobi Group and Mr. Nguyen Mien Tuan – Chairman, Viet Dragon Securities Corporation in a form of mutual cooperation to use strengths and experiences in complimenting each other’s objectives.


The MoU is to remark an intention of Ryobi Group’s investment in Vietnam by seizing the market intelligence and investment opportunities presented by VDSC, and to emphasize VDSC’s commitment to continuously screening feasible opportunities in diverse structures related to public equity, private equity and fixed-income securities for Japanese investors including institutional and retail investors.

Mr. Toshiyuki Matsuda – Group President, Ryobi Group, said: “Our corporate strategy involves expanding our overseas assets, with a specific focus on Vietnam as an investment destination. Given VDSC's strong relationships with various companies, we anticipate gaining valuable market insights through them. On the other hand, Ryobi provides services across diversified business fields, enabling us to engage with various companies. We believe we can assist VDSC in connecting with companies that share an interest in investment opportunities in Vietnam.”

Mr. Nguyen Mien Tuan, Chairman of VDSC, said: “We are delighted to cooperate with Ryobi Group, a leading Japanese multidisciplinary corporation, in their expansion in Vietnam. We believe that with our market position, extensive experience and network of partners and clients, VDSC could assist Ryobi Group in achieving the sustainable high-growth by seizing the market with the good-matched investment opportunity in Vietnam”.


RYOBI GROUP is a Japanese multidisciplinary corporation, established in 1910 (Meiji 43) headquartered in Okayama, Japan. Ryobi Group provides services in diversified fields, IT system, Transportation & Travel, Urban Development (Real-Estate) and various life services.

VIET DRAGON SECURITIES CORPORATION, a leading securities company, provides a full scope of securities services including brokerage & investment advisory, proprietary trading, corporate finance advisory & underwriting, and asset management. VDSC has the experience of 17 years in the market, with the headquarter based in Ho Chi Minh City, and 6 branches over the major cities in Vietnam. A subsidiary of VDSC is VIET DRAGON ASSET MANAGEMENT (VDAM) with main operations including asset management, and investment advisory.